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"Your students seem wonderful. Every time I have encountered a young pupil while on the school grounds they have always given me a very pleasant smile, or a cheery hello or good morning. This morning there was a young man entering the building next to the pool as I left who gave me the loveliest greeting, it really brightened my day! The school seems to be a wonderful learning environment, and the children that I have met in my limited exposure to it certainly seem to be a real credit to your school!"
Sally Henderson - Swimming Visitor - 15.6.17

"The children I met today were charming, polite, respectful and enthusiastic. I was so impressed by their social skills."
Joy Jeremy - Quality Assurance for French teacher - 8.2.17

"A superb afternoon with a fantastic class! Always such a pleasure to teach at Grand Avenue."
Maria Sprashanova - Supply teacher - 7.2.17

"Beautiful, welcoming environment with a friendly team. The children are so engaged and the approach to learning is active and exciting."
Sally Sutton - Visitor on school tour - 6.2.17

"The school has a very positive vibe with lots of active learning. The pupils and staff seem happy. The school building is fantastic with amazing outdoor space."
Rosie Frost - Visitor on school tour - 6.2.17


"- The whole team of staff were very welcoming and friendly.
- The children were all very focused in lessons and were very polite.
- The school itself is fantastic with great resources to accommodate learning creatively."

Liam Berniman - Visitor on school tour - 6.2.17

"I had a lovely day in your school, and all the staff and students were very helpful and friendly."
Samantha Wooden - Supply teacher - 2.2.17

"The school provides a very welcoming environment, from a visitor's perspective. It was clear that the children are learning in a supportive, enabling, environment."
Sarah Lenihan - KAE Assessor - 2.2.17

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