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The Governors at Grand Avenue Primary and Nursery School are all volunteers who give up their time because they care about our school. They work closely with the leadership team and help decide how the money we receive would be best spent in order to realise the goals and ambitions of the school. The Governing Body consists of Parents, Staff, Co-opted Governors and a Local Authority Governor who bring a wide range of skills and expertise from areas such as civil service, communications, banking and of course education and parenting. Much of the work of the Governing Body is conducted via the Committees who specifically focus on Resources and Finance and the Curriculum and Community.

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The Chair of the Governing Body is Jenny Gresson.

The Clerk to the Governing Body is Lucy Richards and she can be contacted via email at or via the school office. If you would like to contact any of the Governors about a particular issue, please email the Clerk, who will forward your correspondence on to the appropriate Governor. Please be assured that this contact would be treated in confidence.

Are you interested in being a school Governor?


There are five categories of governor:

- Parent governors are elected by the school parent population. Parents (including carers) of registered pupils at the school are eligible to stand for election as parent governors and can nominate themselves for this role.
- Staff governors are elected from all people who work at the school. The Head Teacher is automatic, any other staff member is by staff vote
- Local Authority governors are nominated by the Local Authority but are appointed by the Governing Body
- Co-opted governors are appointed by the Governing Body and are individuals who have been identified to have the skills required to contribute to the effective governance of the school
- Associate governors are current staff but this position can also be held by those with specialist knowledge or experience deemed by the Governing Body to be needed generally or in respect of specific projects. They are nominated and approved by the Governing Body but their term of office can vary and they do not have full voting rights

All governors are appointed according to the skills required within the Governing Body and their term of office is normally four years (apart from Associate Governors which can be a shorter period of time). A skills audit is undertaken annually.

Please see the attached Governors Code of Conduct document:

Governors Code of Conduct

Please click on the link here to see the dates of forthcoming Governors Meetings

Previous Governing Body Meeting Minutes:

Governing Body Meeting Minutes - 30th January 2017

Governing Body Meeting Minutes - 6th March 2017

Governing Body Meeting Minutes - 27th March 2017

Governing Body Meeting Minutes - 15th May 2017

Governing Body Meeting Minutes - 25th September 2017

Governing Body Meeting Minutes - 13th November 2017

Governing Body Meeting Minutes - 5th March 2018

Governing Body Meeting Minutes - 26th March 2018

Governing Body Meeting Minutes - 14th May 2018

Governing Body Meeting Minutes - 2nd July 2018

Governing Body Meeting Minutes - 24th September 2018

Governing Body Meeting Minutes - 12th November 2018

Governing Body Meeting Minutes - 28th January 2019

Governing Body Meeting Minutes - 4th March 2019

Governing Body Meeting Minutes - 25th March 2019

Governing Body Meeting Minutes - 13th May 2019

Governing Body Meeting Minutes - 23rd Sep 2019

For information on the School Voluntary Fund, please click here

Please see below the Annual Statement of the Governing body

Annual Statement for the Governing Body

The current governors are:

Chair Jenny Gresson
  • Co-opted Governor
Jt Vice Chair Erik Boesten Co-opted Governor
Jt Vice Chair Cath Tanner Co-opted Governor
  Angela Dumpleton Co-opted Governor
  James Giles Co-opted Governor
  Michele Harris Co-opted Governor
  Archika Kumar Co-opted Governor
  Nadine Jones Co-opted Governor
  Richard Newman Co-opted Governor
  Margaret Barrington Ex- Officio
  Anna McKenna Associate Governor
  Raul Nadat Associate Governor
  Shona Pitcher Associate Governor
  Soomin Ryu Associate Governor
  Tim Cullen Associate Governor
  Alex McKee Parent Governor
  Liz Smith Parent Governor

Register of Business Interests

Record of Attendance

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governor profiles

Jenny Gresson

I am a retired primary school Head Teacher who has moved to Surrey from the Midlands to be close to my grandchildren, three of whom attend Grand Avenue. I have a wide range of experience in primary education and I enjoy supporting the school and contributing to the range of skills already within the governing body.

I am interested in all aspects of school life but my particular curriculum interest is Literacy. I also have a keen interest in special educational needs. I am passionate about the impact of participation by all children in the performing arts during their primary school years. I am Chair of the Governing Body, a member of both the Curriculum & Community Committee and the Resources & Finance Committee. I really enjoy visiting the school and getting to know the children.

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Erik Boesten

I am a father of two children attending Grand Avenue School, and care deeply about the education they and their fellow pupils receive. Becoming a Governor has provided me with the opportunity to give something back to the school which is playing such an important role in our children's lives. Professionally I have worked in Human Resources for over 15 years and hope I can put my experience to use in helping the school to reach its goals. Having spent a few years on the Resources & Finance Committee, I am now contributing to the Curriculum and Community Committee, Chair of the school’s Voluntary Fund and am Joint Vice Chair of the Governing Body.

Cath Tanner

Cath Tanner is currently joint Vice Chair of the Governing Body. She has been a governor for 13 years, first as a parent governor and more recently as a Co-opted governor. She has one daughter, Sophie, who attended Grand Avenue from Reception to Year 6 and is currently in Year 13 at senior school.

Cath works part-time as a midwife at Kingston Hospital. She became a Governor when Sophie was in Reception. "I became a Governor because I wanted to part of school life and help make a positive difference to the life of the children in the school. Over the years I have seen many major changes but the one constant has been the enthusiasm and commitment of all the staff, making sure the children are happy in the classroom, having fun as they learn".

Cath is also Special Education Needs Governor, which means she meets regularly with Mrs White, the school SENCO, to discuss SEN provision in the school, see the provision for herself attend Steering Group meetings and represent SEN needs in governing body meetings and committee meetings. Cath is also a member of the Curriculum Group which meets twice a term.

"Being a school governor is really challenging but it is equally stimulating and interesting. it's great being part of a small team who make important decisions about the school but who also work equally hard to make sure that we keep the needs of the children at the centre of those decisions".

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Angela Dumpleton

I am the Ladybirds Class Teacher at Grand Avenue and have worked at the school for more than eleven years. I have been both class teacher and a member of the PPA team, working in Years 5 and 6 as well as Reception and Year 1 and for six months in Year 4.

I began my career in Inner London and took a break from teaching before the birth of my daughter. My son is now at Nottingham University and my daughter is in Year 12 at Surbiton High School. We have lived in Surbiton for over 20 years and my children have often helped in school. Even my dog has paid a visit so we definitely feel as a family that we are part of the school community.

I have previous experience of being a governor in two other settings and am delighted to represent the teaching staff at Grand Avenue. I am looking forward to working with everyone.


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Richard Newman

I am excited to have the opportunity to join the Board of Governors of Grand Avenue School. The school has been important in the development of my family. My two children came here and my grand daughter is now a pupil.

Family values and a positive outlook are important to me. I am a committed team player and am motivated by the development of people. I seek to fully understand the value of people and encourage others to do the same.

I am a retired senior manager with over forty years experience in Financial Services. My responsibilities included project management, working in partnership, operational management, Human Resources and people management. I look forward to working with the other Governors to see how to best use my skills and experience for the benefit of the school. I will be joining the Resources and Finance Committee.

Since my retirement I have used my management, organisational and customer service experience in working with charities and the RFU.

I enjoy sports and encourage fairness and participation.

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Alex McKee

Having two children in the school I am keen to help Grand Avenue School continue providing an excellent learning environment for our children. I started my career as a Chartered Management Accountant for 14 years before moving into Management Consultancy where I delivered projects across a broad range of public and private industries. I look forward to bringing my experience to the Governing Body with a broad range of skills, particularly in the area of financial planning, management and overall strategic thinking, to help the school find the resources to meet its current and future needs. I am a member of the Resources & Finance Committee and Trustee of the Voluntary Fund.

Liz Smith

I currently have two daughters attending the school in Years 5 and 6. I am keen to help support staff and parents to ensure the school achieves all it can and am really excited to have been appointed as a Parent Governor. I have been a class representative and enjoy volunteering to help at all the fairs, swimming, reading, etc. I worked as a teacher for 14 years in Secondary and Primary schools and am now a childminder, so I have a good understanding of current educational policy and a sound knowledge of the Early Years Curriculum. I am a member of the Curriculum & Community Committee.

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Staff Governors:

(Ex-Officio) Mrs Margaret Barrington: Head Teacher and a member of the Resources & Finance Committee.

(Co-opted) Nadine Jones: Office Manager, a member of the Curriculum & Community Committee.

(Co-opted) Steven Sharp: Teacher and a member of the Resources & Finance Committee.


Associate Members of Governing Body:

Ms Anna McKenna: Deputy Head Teacher, leading on Assessment and curriculum and leads Middle leadership team. A member of the Curriculum & Community Committee.

Mrs Shona Pitcher: Deputy Head Teacher and Inclusion Manager, SENCO and Designated Teacher for Child Protection and Looked After Children. A member of the Resources & Finance Committee.

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